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Any business with a presence on the Internet requires a marketing strategy. Having a website is not enough, you need to be found. Marketing helps you connect with your potential clients through different channels. One of the ways you can get the best value out of your website is placing it at the core of your marketing strategy. Let's discuss first what we mean with basic yet effective websites by mentioning some important components:

  • Show who you are. How you define your business. What are your products or services. Why you are the right choice.
  • Call to Action. Tell your visitor what you want them to do and give them a reason why.
  • Costumers Testimonials. Honest comments from real people that have used your products or services
  • Contact Information right at the home page, on the very top if possible. 
  • Basic SEO: quality content plus best practices and common sense from the designer/developer side.
  • Mobile responsive website. 70 to 85% of people will get to your business website using mobile devices.

If you hire the right agency, we are talking about a $300-$500 website. By the way, we can create something amazing for your business in that price rank.

Once you have this under control, the next step is to get your new website start working for you by converting visitors into clients. It is very simple: just bring as many people as you can from many places as you can to your website. Some of them will be simply interested in your products or services because you have what they are looking for. Some others will get engage by reading about you and your business, your previous costumers and their testimonies.  Others will be happy to notice that you are in a very convenient location or work in a very convenient schedule. Effective websites are the key here.

  1. Social Media: Create a Facebook fan page and share your website. Even better, create content that might be attractive for your target market. Place it on a Blog-like section on your website and share the link on your Facebook page. Take advantage -if you can afford it- of the Facebook advertising system to promote your posts. Do the same with any other Social Network: Tweeter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or even a Youtube Channel.
  2. Brochure Catalogs or Business Cards: Share your brand, products or service. Then invite everybody to your website for more Details or Specials. 
  3. Email Marketing: Keep your subscribers updated with new products, services, reviews or deals. Again, link your website in the message.
  4. PCC Advertising: It stands for pay-per-click. This is an adverting model where the advertiser (typically a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites) charge you only if someone clicks on a link to your website. Google My Bussiness is an excellent place to start.
  5. Business Directories: Online business directories like Yelp are used by people as an easy way to find exactly what they want through different categories like activity, location or size.

The more exposure your website has the more people are likely to visit it. If it is done the right way, you got high chances to earn more costumers.


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